Sunday, December 12, 2010

Huuuuraaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!2 more days to go !!!!!!!!!

Time lapses fast, and it is almost time again!!!! Are you excited? I bet you do !!!!! Come and join us in 2 more days!!

Time : 8:00am ( PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL)
Venue : Faith Covenant Tabernacle

Here are some reminders of items to bring for everyone to ensure pleasant trip.
1)UNDERWEAR (duh~)
4)Sweater (it's Cameron Highlands, so....)
5)Toiletries (shampoo, bathing gel, soap, bathing towel, toothbrush, etc.)
6)Some money (in case of any emergency)
7)A heart to be anew, to evolve for Christ

8) Your own snacks (maggie mee, biscuits, etc)
Things not to bring:
1)Poker Cards
2)Alcoholic Beverages

PS: Please be punctual or we will leave you behind if you are late =P . Hope to see you guys there =D cheers

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